History & Our Story

The World Changed Overnight…

MAV Industrial Solutions grass roots began in early 2020 during the global pandemic that changed the way businesses and society worldwide traditionally operated & functioned overnight. It was one of the worst economic times in several decades, let alone a great time to even think about starting up a new company.

Millions of people lost jobs, thousand’s of companies including several industries were decimated and many well established businesses were also closing their doors. It was during those difficult times that our founder, Pete Howell had a vision and awakening how the business world operated before it changed drastically.

Prior to the pandemic, traditional sales, products and distribution models including how companies interact with clients was now obsolete and old school thinking. Many companies would either adapt or simply fail to the harsh realities of doing business in the 21st century and beyond.

However, we had a much different vision, and seen unlimited opportunities for consumers, manufacturers and service providers to bring quality products, services and technologies to market. It would provide significant cost reductions on all sides without jeopardizing quality and bring long term value to both our customers and business partnerships. We think, live and breathe outside the box like a Maverick.

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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We think, live & breathe outside the box like a Maverick
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