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MAV Industrial Solutions are an Independent Manufacture’s Sales Agency, Sourcing & Consulting company. We represent some of the best companies, products, technologies, including specialized services in North America.

With over 18 years industry experience, we represent several products, services and technologies to many industries. They include, lubrication, protective coatings, rotating mechanical equipment, gears, bearing repairs, custom and or obsolete bearings, power transmission products, machining, and manufacturing. We bring value and true global understanding to many Commercial & Industrial sectors.

MAV Industrial Solutions provides unlimited opportunities to customers, manufacturers and service providers that allow us to bring long term value, including direct savings on quality products, services and technologies to several markets.


Lubricants, protective coatings, roofing products & systems, gearboxes, gears, sprockets, machining & manufacturing. Global sourcing network for all types of bearings including brands that are special, long production lead times or obsolete. We can supply all North American, European & Asian manufactures brands.

Maintenance & Repair

Bearing Inspection & Repair Services

Providing Solutions

We provide products, services, technologies and solutions to solve your most challenging problems.


“MAV Industrial Solutions mission & vision are to represent and provide the best products, services, solutions, and customer service to clients that will bring value with return on investments. We conduct ourselves with professionalism, honesty, integrity and aren’t afraid to blaze new trails.“

Pete Howell
President & Founder
MAV Industrial Solutions Inc.

Services We Represent

  • Bearing Repair & Refurbishment Services
  • Free Oil Analysis

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Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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