MAV Industrial Solutions Inc.

We think, live and breathe outside the box like a Maverick.

MAV Industrial Solutions

We are an Independent Manufacture’s Sales Agency, Sourcing & Consulting company that specialize within rotating mechanical, power transmission products and applications used in a variety of industries. 
We represent some of the best companies, products, technologies, including specialized services in North America. Whether you are an OEM or a Maintenance Repair Operation, we provide technical support, and quality products such as, lubricants, seals, bearings, bushings, gears, including bearing repair services, plus precision manufacturing capabilities. 
MAV Industrial Solutions see things differently than others, and truly understands your business and operation that will bring long term value with direct cost reductions and savings. We love solving problems and blazing new trails. 

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them“

― Henry Ford
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Head Office

We think, live & breathe outside the box like a Maverick
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